Welcome To KC Convent School

  • The school runs under the aegis of Saraswati Gyan Mandir Educational Society, a registered body under the societies registration act XXI of 1860 managed by a group of educationists, retired officers intelligent personalities, social workers and many experienced persons, who are committed to provide quality education and produce able youngsters for the service of nation.

We the members of the management and all dedicated teaching staff strongly swear —

  • To find out the hidden merits of child and bring them on the surface for better exposure by giving him our best and extracting his best from him,
  • All out efforts will be done to mould and modify the demerits of each and every child into right direction and maximum encouragement will be given to them for achieving their goals with confidence, consistency and concentration.

Vision of brilliant students will be widened and they will be taught and trained to complete the examinations of India world level organized by ICSE/ISC Board New Delhi.

  • We pledge to make this school as caring school maintaining it with high standard of quality education, which may produce such youngsters in this world who may be mentally sharp, physically fit, spiritually high and enough courageous to face all challenges of their life successfully.